Products That Use Propane


Propane autogas is an ideal alternative fuel for many fleet managers because it offers the power, performance, and operating cost advantages they need. Fleet managers can choose from a variety of vehicle platforms:


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    Light-Duty Vehicles

    Established OEMs such as Ford and GM offer light-duty trucks and vans with dedicated propane-autogas fuel systems. For fleets that need the flexibility of a gasoline backup, a variety of EPA-certified bi-fuel conversion kits can be installed on existing vehicles.


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    Medium-Duty Vehicles

    The list of medium-duty propane-autogas-powered vehicles is growing every day. Fleet managers can choose from an array of propane-autogas-dedicated EPA- and CARB-certified options, including shuttle buses and trucks.


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    School Transportation Vehicles

    School districts can choose from a selection of Type A and Type C propane-autogas-powered buses developed by industry-leading manufacturers, including Blue Bird, Collins, and Thomas Built.


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