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    Propane Autogas vs. CNG Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet answers the question, "What can propane autogas offer that Compressed Natural Gas cannot?" in three sections: less expensive fuel stations, best value for conversions, and nationwide availability. It also includes information on the shared characteristics of propane autogas and CNG.

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    Propane Autogas vs. Gasoline Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet makes the case for propane autogas as a superior fuel to gasoline in terms of powerful vehicle technology, fuel costs, affordable infrastructure, domestic production, and environmental impact.

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    Propane Autogas vs. Diesel Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet explores the benefits of propane autogas as compared to diesel fuel in terms of lower fuel prices, affordable infrastructure, minimized maintenance costs, relief from idle restrictions, reduced noise, domestic abundance, and environmental impact.

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  • Thumbnail Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas

    Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas

    This public transit system of 1,159 vehicles researched a solution to make “going green” affordable — reducing its carbon footprint and cutting fuel costs without increasing fares and taxes for the community. Since converting to propane autogas, the Unified Government has displaced over 35,000 gallons of diesel and even saved taxpayers more than $80,000 in fuel last year.

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  • Thumbnail Indian River Shool District

    Indian River County School District

    Amid new EPA and CARB emissions guideline, this school district became the first in its state to adopt liquid injection propane autogas technology, and then saw ROI within eight months of use. Indian River now saves more than $100,000 in fuel savings each year with propane-autogas-powered buses, compared with conventional diesel options.

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